Available courses

  • Develop and promote a desktop or mobil application

  • This course introduces basic techniques used to develop applications using Java. --Use Eclipse to create and debug an Andrioid application. --Create an applications using Model-View-Controller architecture. --Write code to manage activities. --Manage Android application versioning. --Create responsive user interfaces. --Add multimedia capabilities to an application. --Localize an Android application. --Write code to save and load local files. Located in Lab 2 on Tuesday.
  • This course provides an overview of mobile operating systems, such as IOS, Android and Windows Mobile.  Topics include architecture, functions and the impact on application development in each operating system

  • This course explores system and network administrative tasks associated with Linux- based components on a network. Routine tasks in installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of Linux workstations and servers are considered with emphasis on the network services provided by open source solutions.

  • 1. Introduction to Computers, Programming, and Java

    2. Primitive Data Types and Operations

    3. Selection Statements

    4. Loops 5. Methods

    6. Arrays

    7. Objects and Classes

    8. Strings

    9. Object-oriented Design

    10. Inheritance and Polymorphism

    11. GUI Basics

    12. Graphics

    13. Exception Handling in Java

    14. Text I/O

    15. Abstract Classes and Interfaces

    16. Event-driven Programming

    17. Creating User Interfaces